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Donegal farmer Declan Devine has created a video in support of an Iranian agricultural engineer, Saeid Rezaie.

A breeder of horses and cattle, Mr. Devine and his wife farm near Letterkenny where they raised their three children.

Referring with gratitude to his own freedom to work and live in Ireland as he chooses, Mr. Devine deplored the imprisonment of members of the Bahá’í Yaran, including Mr. Rezaie.

Saeid Rezaie  has been in prison in Iran for the past nine years along with his six colleagues, all former members of the ad hoc Bahá’í group known as the Yaran.

He and his wife, Shaheen Rowhanian, have three children and their youngest child was 12 years old at the time of his father’s arrest.

Mr. Rezaie had once been arrested earlier for being a Baha’i, and was held in solitary confinement despite serious heart problems. In 2014, he underwent heart surgery but in prison he has been repeatedly denied proper medical attention.

In 2016 a loving poem by his wife Shaheen was circulated which read in part:

“Morning flirts its way through my window…

While from amidst the spheres which are my thoughts;

Your countenance, even a brighter morn,

Smiles before me like an ocean of jasmine blooms….

I see an ever more radiant sun in your loving smile;

Ready to dawn from the highest horizons upon the skies.

I begin my day with the sun-bright aura of your face;

Which dawns from vistas that are none other than my fanciful gaze…

I write with you and I sing with you …

I walk with you and I speak with you….”





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