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Heshmatollah TabazadiHeshmatollah Tabazadi, an Iranian journalist and political prisoner at Gohardosht Prison in Iran, has written an open letter declaring 2014 – or 1393 in the Islamic Calendar – “The Year of Human Rights.”

He has called on all Iranian citizens to find and show the Iranian laws and practises that are in contravention of international human rights legislation and to demand that these be changed.

In his letter, Mr. Tabazadi has used the example of the organised, systematic, government led persecution* of the Iranian Baha’i community to demonstrate the way these human rights abuses operate.

“I began this fight with a defence of the fundamental rights of our Baha’i compatriots.  This is because I have known them to be the most oppressed, even more than others, and I have not shown the necessary sensitivity in the past to protect the rights of this population. May this act to some extent make up for the past.”

You can read the full translation of this call to action from Heshmatollah Tabazadi here.

*A full translation of this foundational letter documenting the systematic and official governmental persecution of Baha’is in Iran can be found at



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