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tomiDuring May, 2013, the Irish Baha’i community conducted a vibrant and well supported social media campaign to support the international Five Years Too Many Campaign.

This campaign was designed to highlight the persecution and imprisonment in Iran of the members of the former Yaran as well as the imprisonment of many other prisoners of conscience, including over a hundred Baha’is.

As a result of this campaign there has been widespread support for an end to these injustices at both governmental and grassroots level.

On May 15th, 2013, the Irish Baha’i community hosted a public press event at Buswell’s Hotel in Dublin as part of the Five Years Too Many Campaign.  Holocaust survivor and human rights activist Tomi Reichental was the main speaker at this event.

In Buswell’s, Tomi spoke out unequivocally against the on-going persecution of Baha’is and others in Iran and called for everyone to take action to call on the Iranian government to free all prisoners of conscience.

“The horror of the Holocaust is not that it deviated from the human norms, the horror is that it didn’t. What happened might happen again to others not necessarily Jews, perpetrated by others, not necessarily Germans, we are all possible victims, possible perpetrators, possible bystanders…

We are today the bystanders and we just must not be quiet we must raise up our voices and do whatever we do to help these people so that they don’t sit…for years and years incarcerated in prison for no reason – just because they believe in something different.”  Tomi Reichental, Dublin, May 15th, 2013.

Watch the highlights of his speech and learn more about the situation of the Baha’is in Iran here


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