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PMAs these Regional Youth Conferences take place all over the world there is growing excitement about the regional conference for Ireland, namely the London Youth Conference.

This conference will take place in Warwick in the UK from August 30th – September 1st.

Further information for Irish youth – Baha’i and non-Baha’i – interested in attending this Conference is available from the National Office or your closest Baha’i community. Details available here.

Among the themes to be discussed at each conference are the unique characteristics that distinguish the period of youth, the great responsibility facing young people to contribute to the betterment of society, and the importance of fostering an environment of encouragement. Many expected to attend are already engaged in offering acts of service in their own neighbourhoods and villages, including efforts to help those younger than themselves to channel their energies for the progress of their communities. Love magic

There are many ways that everyone – regardless of age – can support these conferences. One way, naturally, is to pray for the efforts of the conference participants as they seek to make a positive difference in their local communities. Here is the prayer suggested by the London Conference Team –

O Thou kind Lord! From the horizon of detachment Thou hast manifested souls that, even as the shining moon, shed radiance upon the realm of heart and soul, rid themselves from the attributes of the world of existence and hastened forth unto the kingdom of immortality.

With a drop from the ocean of Thy loving kindness Thou didst oft-times moisten the gardens of their hearts until they gained incomparable freshness and beauty. The holy fragrance of Thy divine unity was diffused far and wide, shedding its sweet savours over the entire world, causing the regions of the earth to be redolent with perfume.

Raise up then, O Spirit of Purity, souls who, like those sanctified beings, will become free and pure, Will adorn the world of being with a new raiment and a wondrous robe, will seek no one else but Thee, tread no path except the path of Thy good-pleasure and will speak of naught but the mysteries of Thy Cause.

O Thou kind Lord! Grant that this youth may attain unto that which is the highest aspiration of the holy ones. Endow him with the wings of Thy strengthening grace — wings of detachment and divine aid — that he may soar thereby into the atmosphere of Thy tender mercy, be able to partake of Thy celestial bestowals, may become a sign of divine guidance and a standard of the Concourse on high. Thou art the Potent, the Powerful, the Seeing, the Hearing.


For more information go the London Youth Conference website –

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