Five Years Too Many Campaign Ireland

In May 2013 many Bahá’í communities around the world  took part in a campaign to bring public attention to the deteriorating human rights situation in Iran.  Widely acknowledged by the [...]

Eleventh International Baha’i Convention: A global community reflects

More than 1,000 representatives of the Baha’i world community gathered in Haifa, Israel from 29 April-2 May, for a unique global event that was infused with joy, reverence and purpose. The [...]

Who are the ‘Bahá’í leaders’?(6)

Afif Naeimi – Born on 6 September 1961 in Yazd, Afif Naeimi’s father died when he was three.  After his father’s death, Afif was raised in part by his uncles.  While still in [...]

Who Are the ‘Bahá’í Leaders’? (5)

Behrouz Tavakkoli Now 61, Behrouz Tavakkoli was a social worker until he lost his government job in the early 1980s because of his Bahá’í belief.  Born 1 June 1951 in Mashhad, Mr.Tavakkoli [...]

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