Summer School Diary – Thursday

Today, Thursday August 8th, we had the pleasure and privilege of having Tomi Reichental speak at our Summer School. The junior youth and youth joined with the adults and everyone crowded into the [...]

Who Are the ‘Bahá’í Leaders’? (5)

Behrouz Tavakkoli Now 61, Behrouz Tavakkoli was a social worker until he lost his government job in the early 1980s because of his Bahá’í belief.  Born 1 June 1951 in Mashhad, Mr.Tavakkoli [...]

A Debate at the Prison Gate

In the Netherlands, the Baha’i community is sponsoring an “interactive debate” on human rights in Iran at the famous Prison Gate Museum in The Hague as part of its observance of the Five Years [...]

Who Are the ‘Bahá’í Leaders’? (3)

Saeid Rezaie Saeid Rezaie is 55 years old. A scholar at heart, Saeid has always loved to learn. After high school he attended the Pahalavi University in Shiraz where he studied agricultural [...]